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Yoni Massage Wand — Nature’s Gift to the Woman’s Temple

My Wife and I discussed a few weeks ago that we will occasionally branch off the mainstream adult novelty manufacturers, and focus on the smaller businesses who create toys by hand.

Our first review of handcrafted sex toys comes from the self-proclaimed first legitimate yoni egg business on the Internet — Gemstone Yoni Eggs. Back in 2014, Steph and her sister, Alexis worked together to offer one of the only online venues to sell crystals and stones specifically designed for use by women. The title of their site uses the word “yoni,” which is the Sanskrit word for the vulva — also known to be a symbol of divine procreative energy. So, I decided to write to Steph and ask her if we could showcase one of her products and talk a little bit about and what they are all about. She agreed to send me a breathtaking obsidian masturbation wand:

Behold, the Yoni Wand. Far too often, we hear the words dildo, vibrator, and plug, but we don’t often hear the word “wand.” It invokes a spiritual, metaphysical symbolism, and that’s exactly what this Yoni Wand does.
Rather than being milled in a factory, the Yoni Wand originates from the Earth herself. Created from time, heat, and pressure, a human being added the finishing touches to bring this volcanic glass into shape and be used to enhance a woman’s sexual energy.
I’m sure there are readers out there who might think this is new-age hippy nonsense, and frankly, I used think that way, too — up until about three years ago. We’ll discuss that more in upcoming posts. For those of you who can appreciate the beauty that the universe delivers to us, this article is for you.
According to Gemstone Yoni Eggs’ supplier, this obsidian (volcanic glass) is over one million years old. Harvested from the mountains in Jalisco, Mexico, the stones are then sent to a small, family-owned lapidary business in China. There, they are cut, tumbled, and polished into gorgeous pieces of functional art. With the exception of the mechanical tumbler, everything is done by hand. Gemstone Yoni Eggs quality checks all of their pieces before sending them to their faithful customers.
Each piece is unique and beautiful. Designed exclusively for use inside a woman, natural volcanic glass offers extremely powerful sexual energy. In addition to the wand, Gemstone Yoni Eggs includes a silky-smooth carrying pouch, a full set of instructions, and some beautiful semi-precious stones with varying enhancing energy properties. The idea behind the wand and stones is not just for physical touch and massage; they offer insight and the opening of different metaphysical chakras. By expanding your sexual nature into your emotional and spiritual being, you will begin to feel sexual energy and charge in an enlightened state. The small diameter, g-spot curve, and smooth glass make this wand a blessing to be used for hours of sexual and blissful meditation.
When you finish your session, the wand can cleaned in a number of ways — from the practical soap and water, to a more spiritual sunshine and moonlight cleanse. Gemstone Yoni Eggs has only just begun offering sex products to the nature-based sex toy market, and they hope to continue expanding their line of magnificent creations. If you have not yet clicked on their link to see more of what they have, click here. Their site is as beautiful as the products they offer.