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“Wood” You? Could You? — Yes, You Should

In this post for handcrafted toys, I want to discuss a commonly misunderstood medium for sex toy creation — wood. In a world full of phthalates, porous silicone, and unsafe sex toys, a lot of people are deterred from wood as a dildo because of its porous properties. Well, when created and sealed correctly, a wooden dildo can bring you years of orgasmic bliss and, at the same time, be completely body safe. Let’s take a look at a product from one of our Etsy Creators, CravingWood:
The above-pictured didlo is a gem to view and behold. It’s about six inches long with an one and half inches at its largest diameter. Hand-lathed from high quality olive wood, this medium sized dildo has enough of a handle for comfortable gripping, and plenty of girth to fill you up and hit all your erogenous spots.
Because I was like many of you, and thought that wood was dangerous for internal play, I reached out to James, the owner of CravingWood, and asked him about his process, the safety of his product, and how one would go about cleaning it. Here is what he had to say.
From James at CravingWood:
The obvious big difference between wood and synthetic dildos is that wood is natural, so every single one is truly unique. A less obvious difference is that a wood dildo will assume your own body’s warmth over time after insertion. I guess the biggest undesirable aspect is simply that a wood dildo is usually going to be more expensive than a glass or plastic one.
My product line tends to be more lower-to-medium priced, with a few high end options. The sticker price is usually determined by the type of wood, as exotic woods can very expensive, and the style of handcrafting. I use a lathe for some of mine, and others, I will carve totally by hand. The latter is more time consuming and usually makes the price higher. The intricacy of the wood-turning or carving generally will also add to the cost. The stain and/or finish, along with the number of coats, plays a role as well, since non-toxic, hypoallergenic finishes are much more pricey than conventional ones. I use both a stain and a finish for my products. Another underrated cost related to the wood type is how hard it is to work, as some species of wood carve and sand like a breeze, while others require forearm-killing, herculean efforts. Due to the end product being basically cylindrical, sanding is almost always done by hand.
Regarding cleaning:
You can clean wood dildos with diluted rubbing alcohol or a little soap and water. It is important to use soft cloths only, and never anything abrasive.

At the end of the day, you could always purchase a toy from some big-name company. It is true that wood didlos are more expensive than silicone, plastics, and some metals. However, what you are getting from CravingWood is a beautiful, hand-turned work of art. It’s not just something you stick inside you. A lot of hours go into his products — from design, selection of wood, carving, sanding, staining, and sealing — you are getting a personalized, unique piece of luxury that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. If you haven’t clicked on his hyperlinks throughout this post, please go visit CravingWood by clicking here.