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What Exactly Is the FiFi? Let’s find out…

The Fifi is an much-needed modern twist on an old design. Likely, you are looking at this product and wondering how to use it or what it is. First, it’s a standard masturbation toy for men, much like the Fleshlight or Pocket Pussy lines. Second, how to use it varies quite a bit from those lines, because of the set-up involved. That said, though the set-up is a little longer than a traditional masturbator, the clean-up time is almost nill. Also, due to its design and the REASON it is designed that way, this toy will not feel like a traditional masturbator or vagina. It has its own sensations, and they are very worth your while. And frankly, I’ve never felt a synthetic skin that felt like real skin. Don’t go chasing that dream; you’ll always be disappointed. Accept these kind of toys for what they are…masturbators.

So what exactly is the Fifi?

At it’s basic form, it is a thick padded material that wraps up into a tight cylinder and closes with a velcro strip. You might be thinking, “Well can’t I just do that with a hand towel, sock, or something else?” The quick answer is yes. However, the Fifi is designed for this purpose, and it will offer you so much more “squeeze” on its own that you will ever get from a towel. But that’s not the only thing that makes the Fifi better. It also has disposable latex sleeves.

The Big Fifi Difference

The basic premise of the Fifi is to offer you a solid masturbation experience with minimal to no clean up. They’ve taken the concept of the towel you used as a teenager and the convenience of a condom, and then they turned them into a magnificent final product. The disposable sleeves are much like oversized condoms. They will look very familiar when you open them up, but no, they are not designed to fit snuggly around your member. The set-up is to unravel the Fifi, place the sleeve to one side with a the opening sticking out, roll the sleeve up tight, pull the sleeve opening around the Fifi for a tight fit, fill with lube, and masturbate with it. Does it seem like a lot of steps? Maybe. But, when you actually use it, you’ll find that it’s very easy to set up. I used seven pumps of Fifi lube, and the end result was fantastic. The best part — when you’re done, you just pull out, open the Fifi, and throw away the sleeve. Unlike other toys, you don’t have to clean this one, and you don’t have to worry about bacteria growth or using the wrong kind of lube.

If you’re still unsure what this is or how to use it, here’s a YouTube tutorial 😀