Welcome to Sexually Secure!

Hello everyone and welcome to Sexually Secure:
This is my first post, and I’m extremely excited to start this blog. Why? Because there are just not enough men out there who promote a sex-positive attitude for men. What do I mean by sex positive? Well, you can either look here at this Wikipedia article to find out, or just take away this phrase: All consensual sexual activities are fundamentally healthy and pleasurable.
The key word here is consensual. This site is dedicated and focused on creating a safe space for people to learn about sexuality and enlighten their sexual lives. That said, you should know that though I am primarily focused toward men, women are sure to find some good reads here as well.
Far too often I hear men dismiss the idea of sex toys and anal/prostate play in the bedroom (or by themselves). It’s extremely disheartening, because there is a treasure trove of pleasure just waiting for them. My goal here is to open your mind (and your partner’s mind) to the idea of incorporating toys and prostate play in the bedroom.
I’m not going to solely focus on that. There will be a lot of discussion about women’s sex toys, lubrication, tutorials, etc. I’ll do a lot of product reviews as well.
Please subscribe to my email list so that you get the latest posts and reviews. I look forward to working with you on this journey. Please pay it forward 🙂