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TOM v2 and WAS — Why You Need This in Your Bedroom Set

This review is based on two products, because you will likely want to buy the WAS (Weight Attachment System) with the TOM v2 (The Other Man Version 2).  Essentially, the TOM is a base platform upon which you can apply up to three suction cup dildos. For the demonstration in my video and pictures, I used a Vixen Creations Maverick suction cup dong. It has three different angles where you can place your suction cup, and it has a rubberized base that will provide anti-slip while using it on a hard surface.

The reason I emphasize getting the WAS, is because you might want to use this apparatus on the bed. The added weight from that attachment will allow you to utilize any platform in your house without worrying about it slipping, shifting, or falling off.
The surface of the TOM v2 is very very smooth, and the suction cup had no problem attaching to the base. You’ll see from the video that I added quite an amount of weight, and I was able to pull the whole thing up by the dong. That is an incredible piece of engineering. The TOM V2 is also substantially solid. It is not made of cheap plastic — it was designed specifically for sexual activity. It can take a beating.
The uses are only limited by your imagination. You can see from one of the photos that Tender Beaver (the company who makes TOM v2) offers some suggested positions for use. Use it solo, with a couple, attach multiple dongs, and just have fun. It really takes the nonsense out of trying to find the right position for your suction dong. No more weird squatting on the floor or trying to balance on the bed while you hump the wall. This will solve those problems. My only regret is that I didn’t make this product. I’d be rich by now.

For a full demonstration of what the TOM v2 and WAS look like, and how to use them, I’ve uploaded this video for your reference:

Don’t like my video, then check out Ariana Gray’s video. She’s a lot prettier than me 😉