TheraWand — an Ingenious Device to Treat Prostatitis, Sexual Discomfort, and Pelvic Floor Pain

Alright folks, let me tell you my little story about the TheraWand. In full disclosure, I was on Amazon looking for my next prostate massager, because, well, I’m just into that sort of thing. Page after page after page, it’s all stuff that I already had, and I was getting bored. Then, the next page turns up this TheraWand. What? TheraWand? I was intrigued…


As it turns out, the TheraWand is an internal physical therapy device designed for both men and women. It was created to help a myriad of vaginal and rectal problems, and it’s even used to treat scar tissue on the perineum (which happens to women when babies are born). Then I got this idea: I’m going to put myself in the shoes of a man who has prostatitis and is absolutely opposed to the idea of using a intrarectal therapy device. And then, I’m going to write about the experience from his perspective.
So, I wrote to the company a few times, and they agreed to send me the wand in exchange for a tutorial about which I have described. The focus here is knowing that this is ultimately a therapy device, and I am only speaking from my experience as a man. Ladies, sorry, you are going to have to try this for yourself. However, my experience dictates that this would be ideally suited not just for a man, but a woman as well. The design is flawless.
As soon as it came in the mail (which was today, the date of this article), I told my Wife, “Why don’t you go take a nap, so I can do this in private.” She agreed. I then went in the living room and put myself in the perspective of a reluctant man trying to overcome an inflamed prostate, erectile dysfunction, and general pelvic floor pain. I read the instruction sheet (that comes with it), laid down a towel, applied the lubrication, and then did what any non-experienced guy would do — shoved it in at full throttle. You might think, “Hey, didn’t that hurt?” No, it didn’t. In fact, it went in rather easily with the lube and the tapered tip. The medical grade acrylic was already room temperature, and it warmed up to my body temperature in a matter of seconds.
My next step was to use it the way it was designed. Following the instructions that come with it, I went from one o’clock to six o’clock inside my rectal tissue, and massaged lightly, while also pausing to press firmly. I then went from eleven to six and did the same thing. The two right angles of the TheraWand make it extremely easy to turn and navigate your cavity. The instructions also state to NOT use it on the twelve o’clock spot, as not to hit the sensitive prostate and urethra area. The whole experience was pain free, and it took all of seven minutes to accomplish. It could be done in less time, but use it for the therapy for which it was designed. Take your time, and you’ll heal properly.
Then, I thought, “What if my Physical Therapist wanted me to massage my prostate to alleviate inflammation?” Being experienced at this for almost two decades, I knew what I was doing. However, I took it slowly, and used it as if I were a beginner. Let me put this disclaimer out, though: If you are over forty, go get your prostate checked for cancer before you do this. If you have prostate cancer and start massaging it, you can spread that cancer outward. If you just have an enlarged or inflamed prostate (prostatitis), you’ll be fine.
To describe the pressure to you, it feels awkward at first, and you actually feel it in the glans of your penis (the head). It will feel warm and like you have to urinate. However, if you go slowly, and if you just use moderate pressure with controlled massage movements, it will be a pleasurable experience that will not make you gay — because some of you guys might think that it does.
If you do this on a daily basis, or at least every other day, you will very likely eliminate your prostatitis, sexual pain, or tight muscles on your pelvic floor. The wand, after you are done using it, is easy to remove and easy to clean.
Final thoughts: This is designed as a physical therapy device, and it does a wonderful job doing what it supposed to do. If you follow the instructions, you’ll be just fine. For you guys out there, I will mention that there may be some “pleasant” side effects. Enjoy them. It might open you up to a whole new world of awesome sensations.