Sex Toy Reviews

Svakom Echo: This is the most powerful clitoral vibrator I have ever encountered.

The SVAKOM Echo is likely the most powerful vibrator in the smallest size I have ever encountered. I’ve been in the sex toy industry since 2001, and this is one awesome piece of engineering. When I got it in the mail, I was shocked to see just how small it was. When my Wife saw it, she said, “It’s cute. It doesn’t look like a vibrator at all.” Well, she’s right. It’s just a simple curved piece of sexual energy that is unassuming and inconspicuous. It’s beautiful to look at and beautiful to behold.

You can see from my pictures the comparison size next to an American dollar bill. It really is tiny. But, it is perfectly curved for the woman’s vulva, and the vibrations are not only intense, they are equally distributed throughout the device. It’s like a smooth warm pebble that beckons to be rubbed.

When it’s on the highest setting, it’s incredibly intense (on behalf of my Wife). There are, I think, five different patterns you can go through, but we’re a fan of the consistent vibration. You may like something different, and that’s why SVAKOM put them there.

Frankly, SVAKOM came out of nowhere in the sex toy industry. For years, it was Adam and Eve, Doc Johnson, and other big names. Then Lelo came out with their high luxury items. Let me just say, SVAKOM has them all beat. Don’t believe me? Buy something from Lelo, and then buy SVAKOM. Whatever their engineers are up to, I want to have the next product. I am so happy I found them online. They allowed me to have this product at a discount to give you a review, and if they didn’t, I probably would have paid double for this vibe. My wife is satisfied, I’m satisfied, and you will be satisfied.