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The Njoy Fun Wand — Makes Prostates Happy

TL;DR — YouTube video at the bottom of this post.
So, this one was (is) more for me. For decades, women have been getting the lion’s share of orgasms from sex toys, and well, it’s just not fair. Thankfully, Njoy created the Fun Wand. It’s a spin-off from the Pure Wand (which is fun on its own), but it’s designed heavily for prostate milking. Here’s my review of this beauty:
Njoy products are top shelf works of art that double as sex toys. I am lucky enough to own four of their pieces, and soon, I will purchase more. Each one has its own unique set of characteristics and personality. Let me tell you what you’re going to get with the Fun Wand.
Like all quality products, Njoy comes in a discreet and tasteful white box. Underneath that cardboard layer is a beautifully crafted case made in all black. When you open it up, you will be greeted with a pink velvet bedding upon which lies an elegant, mirror-finish, work of sexual art. When I saw it, I was in awe, and I was turned on.
The wand is made of surgical grade stainless steel (same as the rest of their line), so it’s a bit frigid at first. I suggest running it under hot water for a few seconds, or put in your warm hands to get it ready. Any lubricant will work on it, and it slides in soooo easily. For the guys, if you are looking for a an easy way to reach your prostate, this is the means by which to do it. There are so many toys out there that claim to do what this does, but none can match it. It’s not hands-free; you’ll need to guide it. But, you get to control the pressure, the depth, the angle, the bulb size you want on your prostate, and milk it to your hearts content. You will leak; I guarantee it. I won’t get graphic here, but you are in for a royal treat.
A word of advice for those willing to go the extra mile. It’s one thing to just insert the wand and press or lightly stroke on your prostate. If, however, you are a little more daring and very engorged, I suggest pumping the wand quickly into your prostate to milk it harder. The sensations are incredible. You’ll need to use lots of lube, and make sure you clean yourself out before you start going this road. Nothing ruins the mood more than a messy session.
If you are concerned about the cost of this Wand, that’s reasonable. Yes, you can go out and find imitations. However, I have years of prostate milking/massaging experience, and I have never found a product that compares to this. The Aneros line is close, but it is cut out for an entirely different experience. Whether you want a few minutes of pleasure or hours of bliss, this Wand needs to be part of your bedroom collection.