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The Aneros Prograsm — My Go-To P-Spot Massager

So, we just got done reviewing the Helix Syn. If you’ve tried it, you’re likely hooked on P-spot massage and milking. Well, I have great news — you’re only just beginning your journey. Skip to the bottom if you want to see my YouTube video review.

See, Aneros (and other competing brands) have multiple toys. Every man has a different anatomy, so what works for one may not work for you. For me, once I graduated to “fuller” toys, I wanted something stronger, more intense. Enter the Aneros Progasm:
At first glance, it has an impressive design and contours. The whole device is made of an extremely hard and unforgiving plastic. Don’t get the idea that this is cheap plastic — it’s not. You’ll also notice the pronounced tabs on either side of the device. One is for the perineum, and the other is for the kundalini spot. If you’re not sure what that is, click here.
Where the Progasm excels is how it sits on the prostate. The curving of the product is slightly varied from others of the same brand. In fact, all Aneros products have their own “personality.” This one seemed to hit all of the right spots for me. There are no vibrations, like you would find in the Vice (which we will talk about later), and the idea is for your own contractions to do the work for you.
After a while, your automatic system will take over and help the Progasm quiver inside you (which will ultimately make you quiver outside). The hardness of the product is another high point. Whether you are using your own muscular contractions, or if you are playing with it manually a bit, the pressure on your prostate will be intense. It is NOT painful; it is intense. Those are two very different things. If something like this ever is painful, stop and consult an expert.
Where the Progasm falls short is also one of its strengths. So, you have to take the good with the bad. Since it is made of a very smooth plastic, once it is lubricated it has a tendency to slip out. I never had this problem while lying on my back or side. However, if I mounted my wife it was a bit awkward to keep it from popping out… which would totally ruin the mood.
Overall, the orgasm you will achieve is super strong. I get excited just thinking about using it again. Enjoy!

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