Sonic Prostate Health Massager

A few weeks ago, I had a thought about prostate massage in the health sector. There are a lot of men, mostly older, who suffer from enlarged prostates and/or inflamed prostates. Anecdotally, I would say that most of those men are against putting something inside their rear ends. So, I went out and found a medical device, asked the business to provide it to me so I could review it, and this is what I found regarding the Sonic Prostate Health Massager:


Let’s get one thing out of the way first and foremost — This product is not a sex toy; rather, it’s a medical device that is designed as such.

There are countless products out there that promise the same thing regarding prostate massage, but very few are dedicated for the health benefit. That said, there was nothing sexual about using this toy. Its design is medical, the application is medical, and the result was not erotic. It was, however, refreshing.

When the product arrives, it will be plain packaging, and no one will know what it is. In fact, even if someone opened it, it still seems innocuous enough that no one would figure it out. It was designed for the man who is a bit hesitant about sticking something up his backside. I have no problem with it, but some men do. So, I put myself in that man’s mindset.

From opening the package, to reading the instructions, to putting it together, to insertion, and to use, the total time was about five minutes. I would say for the average man who has never done this, it will take you about 10 to 15 minutes the first go-round. Why? Because you probably don’t know where your prostate is. And that’s OK. You’ll know it when you hit it. And the rubber tip on this particular device is soft enough that it won’t hurt you.

You need one AA battery to get it to work. When you screw the tip inside the handle, do it gently. If you over-crank it, it will pop off the threads. If it seems a little loose, that’s OK; it’s not going to come out. Like I said, it’s not a sex toy — you’re going to be gentle with it anyway.

Once you do find your prostate (and insertion with lube is a necessity — vaseline works just fine), push the “on” button, and let it rest there. After 30 seconds, gently start to massage it up and down. This is not designed to stimulate like an Aneros toy; it is designed to send vibrations into the organ itself, and get blood moving in there. This will help release toxins, as older prostates have a tendency to build up heavy metals. After about two minutes, you’re done. Pull it out slowly, clean it off with warm soap and water, and put it away until the next day. I suggest engaging every day, or do it at the guidance of your doctor.

For the straight men out there who think this will make them gay, just remember that prostate cancer makes you dead. Don’t choose your pride over your health.