Sex Toy Reviews

PicoBong Transformer — A Super Fun Way to Excite Your Senses

Just when I thought the industry couldn’t come out with something new, PicoBong comes out with the Transformer. This is the most unique sex toy I have seen in quite some time, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

What I like about this brand is that it just seems fun. It’s not designed to be classy, sexual, cheap, etc. It feels like it has the personality suited for a couple who can laugh while they are making love. Don’t get me wrong. This toy can definitely be used for long romantic nights, secret thrills, etc. For us, however, it screams, “Let’s get frisky together!” Heck, even the packaging has a beach-surfer-style pop to it.
At its core, the Transformer is a magnificent brainchild of the bullet vibrating system and that stem from a pose-able reading lamp. It’s like they took that bending part of the reading lamp, put two bullet vibes on it, synced them up with some awesome and playful software, and then made it look beautiful.
The settings on the vibe has a little bit of a learning curve, and there are some things you should know up front, so you don’t get stuck trying to fix it in the middle of a session. For one, read the manual. Know how to turn it on and off (it comes locked, and you have to press and hold the + and – buttons for three seconds to unlock it), know how to increase and decrease intensity, and know how to change the vibration patterns. Also, if you are going to insert the toy, realize that one of the ends has the control modular. If you want to switch settings, don’t insert that end — lesson learned 😉
Other than that, this vibrator has endless possibilities — from body massage, clitoral, vaginal, penile, frenulum, anal, prostate, nipple, and anywhere massage, you will be filled with delight. For the ladies into something more daring, you can put one end in your vagina and one in your anus with the shifting pattern. This pattern vibrates one bullet at full strength, and when it’s coming down in strength, the other one picks up speed. This goes back and forth, and I can only imagine what it would feel like. I’m a guy, so no luck for me there.
Final thoughts: This is an amazing and innovative invention that I wish I would have designed. The geniuses at PicoBong are really onto something, and I’m happy they sent me this one. There is really nothing else like it. Enjoy!