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MyJoy nü Sensuelle Homme Pro — A Guybrator Definitely Worth Your Money

I’ve been in the market for a true prostate massager for a long time, and it took me years to find a product that can do what this one does. I was skeptical about the claims, because everyone claims they can stimulate the prostate and make huge male orgasms. So, I wrote to the MyJoy, informed them of my intimacy and sex toy blog, and asked if they would send me a Sensuelle Homme Pro, so I could review it in full. I’m so glad they followed through, because this is in my top three non-hands-free prostate massagers.
If you are a beginner, this is not for you. Get yourself an Aneros Helix Syn to start out, and go from there. If you really want to graduate to something like this, it won’t take you long. However, if you jump right into something as big as the Homme Pro, you’re going to hurt yourself. Patience first, then pleasure.
The Homme Pro is designed to provide three incredible sensations. The first is the sheer girth of it. Once it’s inside, it really fills up your anal cavity, and it gives a very full sensation. Second is the vibration setting. There are three settings, and they vary in intensity. The highest setting is quite enough. I used the medium intensity during my session. You won’t get the full range of patterns that you might find in other toys, but frankly, I never use those patterns. I prefer it to be a constant vibration. If you like something a little more random, be aware that you won’t get that from this toy. Third, and my favorite feature of this toy, is the prostate massager. I’m not talking about a knob that vibrates on your prostate or something that you have to manipulate yourself. No, this has an apparatus inside of it that creates a “come hither” motion right on your P-spot.
If you are new to prostate massage, as stated earlier, go with something small like the Aneros Helix Syn…just to get you started. For those who are intermediate or advanced, I truly mean that this massages the prostate as if it’s a mechanical finger. Once I had it inserted (with the motor off), I turned on just the prostate massager. (Note: There are two on/off switches next to each other at the bottom. One is for the vibrator, and the other is for the prostate massager. Trust me when I tell you that it’s easier this way.) The motion is extremely simple, but it works! After allowing it to lie on my prostate for about a minute, I started experimenting with angles and pressure until I found just the right spot. Once I was there, I just let it stay there.
The feelings were incredibly intense. That, in combination with penile stimulation, made this one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve had during a solo session.
If I had to rate this guybrator, I’d put it at 8 out of 10. Why? Because, I’m a hands free guy. I like to use both hands during intercourse or masturbation, and it’s just not possible with this — unless you want to look silly, and also risk having it fall out. If this were a hands free device, it would easily be a 10. So, this is just my preference. You might be more of a solo person who likes their man toys non-hands-free. Either way, it’s an incredible experience.
My verdict on this: It’s worth the money if you want to get your own. There are only a handful of toys on the market that have this type of massager, but I haven’t come across anything exactly like this. If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, go for the Homme Pro.