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Low Cost Toys — High Quality for Minimal Cash

Dear Readers,

Coming next week, I will start reviewing the products that I consider to be lower cost sex toys. This does not mean they are sub-standard quality. They will just cost less than some of the more luxurious products, while delivering a similar experience to them.
Keep in mind that sex toys can be hit or miss when you don’t pay a lot for them. (And, sometimes they can be nightmares when they are really expensive.) I’ve had my share of poor quality products in my bedroom, and I’ve thrown them out. You will not find any of those listed here.
Also, realize that some of the lower cost toys do come from superior brand names like, OhMiBod, Aneros, PicoBong, and even Lelo has some. However, a lot of them will be from brands you may not know or recognize. Regardless, it will be a fun and educational experience for all of us, and I encourage you to consider using them in the future to enhance your relationship with your partner in the bedroom.