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LoveLife Explore — A Gentle Intro to Anal Stimulation

I was going to start this tomorrow, but I had some free time today. So, I want to give you my perspective on a great starter toy from OhMiBod, the LoveLife Explore.

If you are very new to anal play, or if this is your first time trying it, I really suggest starting small. Why small? For a few reasons:
1.  Your body is not used to things getting placed inside there. You have to train your muscles to accept the objects you are using.
2.  If it’s painful, you’ll stop, probably never try it again, and then you’ll miss out on a whole new world of stimulation and excitement.
So again, start small, and take it slowly.
Part of OhMiBod’s rear gear product line, the LoveLife Explore is truly impressive for the person or couple beginning anal exploration. All of OhMiBod’s products come packaged extremely discreetly, so no one will ever know what you purchased. The packaging itself is premium, and the unboxing experience is beautiful. There are very few companies who put quality time into their presentation, and I can probably list them on one hand. OhMiBod is one of the few. It’s a luxury presentation without the hefty price tag.
Inside, you will find a smaller-sized, unintimidating plug with a whimsical heart-shaped pull tab. When I say it’s for beginners, I mean it. If you are someone who wants it big, this it not your game. This is the gateway for those people who want to further their sensations and orgasm intensity. So, on to that…
It is reasonable to assume that many women can orgasm from either clitoral or g-spot (or a combo) stimulation. So, for women, the LoveLife Explore will up the intensity. I recommend using a water-based lube to insert the toy, so you don’t destroy the silicone. I assure you, it will stay in place even during intercourse. If you are new to this, relax, breathe, and let your muscles agree to what is placed there.Once you are fully relaxed, enjoy your time (alone or together) as usual. It will not be painful, just very intense.
Take your time with this toy, and enjoy it. It’s designed to stimulate different nerves that you may not have experienced in the past. It’s OK to feel awkward at first, and that’s why I’m telling you to breathe and relax. Eventually, your body will accept it, and you’ll be on your way to incredible orgams with a willingness to go further in the future.
So, you might have noticed that I focused on women using this product. If you didn’t catch that, well, now you know. I state that, because this toy is not the most ideal toy for stimulating the male prostate. It will add a little bit of fullness for you, but for the guys, I would err on the side of the LoveLife Dare from the same company. It has a much better pressure point that will hit the prostate, yet it still remains small enough not to be intimidating. More on the LoveLife Dare later.