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Lovelife Dare — Perfect for Your First Time Prostate Plug

This article is part review and part tutorial for those starting to play with anal toys (especially you guys out there):
Over the course of purchasing and reviewing sex toys, I’ve come across a lot of different models. OhMiBod was kind enough to send me some of their product line when I told them what I was doing. One of those products happened to be the Lovelife Dare.
All of OhMiBod’s products are shipped discreetly. In fact, I’ve only ever run into one company (a smaller Chinese supplier) that ever sent anything that was not discreet. If you’re dealing with a well-established and reputable company like OhMiBod, you don’t have to worry.
You’ll notice that it has a slightly feminine look; however, at Sexually Secure, we put those traditions to bed (pun intended). Time to start exploring what you like and what you want, not what other people tell you to do. Just keep it legal and respectful.
The Dare is a simple silicone plug that costs a little under $30 from OhMiBod. It might seem like a higher price than other plugs you can buy on Amazon, but with this, you know you’re going to get a good product that is built to last. You can see from the picture that it has a whimsical pull/safety tab. Where it looks like it might hook around, it’s not actually a loose pull tab. It is one solid piece with no moving parts — you can’t unravel it.
The reason I suggest this piece as your starting point is due to its size. I was really expecting it to be bigger when it came in the mail, but it was definitely a throwback to my earlier days. The words my Wife said — “It looks cute!” I guess cute is the way I would sum it up, too.
To use the plug, ensure you have a water-based lubricant. We’ll discuss lubricants and their properties in future posts, but for now, you can always bet on water-based to be the safest for your toys. If this is your first time putting something inside your derrière, you may want to rub it around your anus (well lubed) for a few minutes. Get comfortable, and allow the sensations to flow through you. Be in the moment, and don’t expect anything — just let the feelings of all those nerves pile up until you want to stick it inside. When that time comes, do it slowly, and when it’s all the way in, just let go. Literally. Let go. Your sphincter will do all the work for you to hold it in place.
Once it’s in there, just relax and enjoy the semi-full feeling that the Dare gives you. It’s not going to be the fullest feeling out there, but you’re new to this. It’s OK. In order for it to hit my own prostate, I had to use manual manipulation. If you’re of smaller stature, it may already be on your p-spot, which is great for you. Just squeeze and release your sphincter muscles, and feel how nicely it presses on your prostate.
What this will end up doing is increasing intensity and excitement of your sexual session. One, through the “naughtiness” of putting something inside your rear. Two, the fact that it’s massaging your prostate. Don’t expect a prostate orgasm with this toy, though. It’s designed for beginners. You’ll graduate soon, if you stick it out long enough.
When you are done with your session, whether solo or together, you’ll eventually need to remove the Dare. To do that, I recommend heading to the bathroom. If you didn’t clean out with an enema (another future topic we’ll discuss), be prepared to have a little bit of “dirt” on it. Do this alone in the bathroom so you don’t make your partner uncomfortable. Ensure you clean the Dare with warm soap and water or a dedicated toy cleaner. Once it’s dry, put it in the white satin case that came with it, and start thinking about when you’re going to use it again. 😉