Lelo Loki -- The Blissful Guybrator

Today, I want to highlight one of my favorite prostate toys to date -- the Lelo Loki. This is not your typical prostate massage toy, and you can likely see that from the picture. It's more like a guybrator (a vibrator built for men). 

So why not just use a woman's vibrator? 

Well, you can. But, the Loki was specifically designed for a man's anatomy. You'll notice the girthy head with an extremely tapered base. This is designed to assist you with two things: 1. It allows you to feel "full" while it's inserted, and 2. The tapered base offers you the option to remain temporarily hands free without fear of it falling out. Bonus: The narrow neck makes it incredibly easy to maneuver while inside you. Turn it, twist it, press it...use your imagination...the action is super smooth.

How do you get that thing in there?!? There is no doubt that the Loki is a little bit wider than your typical run-of-the-mill prostate toys. Where some might consider that a flaw, I see it as a strength. In due time, you will likely graduate to bigger and better toys. Starting off small is nice, but when you hit the level I'm at, there is a whole new world of possibilities and sensations. The Loki is one of those tools which will unlock a trove of internal bliss.

With a good amount of water-based lubrication, a bit of relaxation, and some time, you will have no problem getting this inside you. Yes, it's big; however, it's comfortable. If you are new to this, I do recommend using something smaller to start out -- like the Aneros Helix Syn. But, if you are a novice or expert, give the Loki a shot.

This is also a great tool which will help you increase vulnerability with your partner. Being penetrated is one of the most vulnerable things a man can experience. In a safe environment, and during a solo session, imagine your partner doing this to you. By using your imagination, and by focusing on the partner you trust, it will bring you one step closer to allowing him or her to try this on you. It's a thought exercise that will help rewire your brain. If you are consistently hesitant about allowing your partner to penetrate you, this exercise will help you overcome that insecurity.

The mechanical details of the Loki are typical of all Lelo luxury products. The vibrator itself is built like a Mack Truck, but it looks soft and welcoming. The engine inside of it is one of the most powerful on the market to date. It has over a dozen settings that allow for various intensities and vibration patterns. My default is alway the straight vibration. If you are someone who likes things shaken up a bit, play around with it; there is something for everyone with the Loki.

The nice characteristic which separates the Loki from other Lelo "guybrators" and prostate toys is the curve. The curve of the Loki is perfectly angled to sit right on your P-spot during penetration. Since the white handle sticks out enough for you to manipulate the toy, you are able to apply direct massaging pressure to your prostate while relaxing with the incredible rhythm of vibrations that will flow inside you.  

Overall, the Loki is definitely on the high end of sex toy prices. Peaking at over $100, even on Amazon, it's hard to justify buying it without knowing what you're getting. That said, I hope my review helped you come to the conclusion that this is a worthwhile investment -- not just for the physical stimulation, but also for the vulnerability training that you can practice.

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