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Kinklab’s Neon Wand Electrosex Kit — High Voltage Pleasure

Today, I want to talk a little bit about kink. Some of you, when thinking about kink, might get an image of some high-intensity German hardcore porn, with a lot of whips and chains. This article is not that. The intention here is to introduce you to a product that will stimulate your bedroom play, encourage you to give up control, and enhance the atmosphere of sexual energy during your sessions. Let me introduce you to the Kinklab Neon Wand Electrosex Kit from The Stockroom:


My YouTube video is embedded at the bottom of this post.


The Stockroom, which is a parent company of several bondage and kink companies, was thrilled when I asked them if I could review, in depth, their Neon Wand from Kinklab. My Wife and I really wanted to start a journey into light BDSM, because frankly, we never did any of this kind of stuff before now. So, you’re getting this article from the perspective of a couple who are just beginning a new type of play. Why is that important? Two reasons. One, you might be someone in the same situation as us — wanting to spice things up; try something a little taboo. Two, you’re curious to see how we describe this new-found love of electrostimulation (e-stim). (Or maybe you’re just really into this type of thing, and you want to read a good review — either way is cool with me.)
The picture I’ve posted is the layout of what you get inside the box. What you don’t see is the long plug-in cord that comes with it. It’s long enough to reach across the bed, but you may decide to purchase an additional extension cord.


Let’s start with the wand base. The big white handle is the wand into which you will put all of your four attachments. Before you plug in the base, the instructions dictate to put your attachment inside wand. This is a safety precaution, and I encourage you to follow the instructions when dealing with e-stim. This is easy enough to do — the attachments have no screws, rivets, or clamps — they fit snugly in the capacitive transmitter (the base) and are held inside with a rubberized gripping system. Really, you just have to push it in carefully, and you’re ready to go. Once that attachment is in there, plug in your wand. At the base of the wand, where the cord attaches, you will see a little round knob. That is your intensity setting. Turn it up or down to adjust — super simple. So, let’s get to that as we talk about the various attachments.
My absolute favorite attachment is the one that looks like a comb. It allows us to put the intensity up to full capacity, and the multiple e-stim points spread that electricity evenly across a larger surface. The key to using this is to not touch the skin. Keep the glass probes just above the skin, and the electric charge will expel from the tubes and stimulate you. Test the intensity on a not-so-sensitive part of your body to get a feel for your tolerance. If you are allowing your partner to use this on you, ensure you have a safe word. This is an excellent way to build trust, and to allow yourself to be vulnerable — you are giving up control to your partner.
Side note: this Wand is incredibly sexy when then lights are off. You’ll be able to see the electricity coming out of the attachments and onto your skin. You might remember those plastic hollow globes that had “lightning” hitting the inside (stores like Spencer’s gifts always had them.) — then you touched the globe, and the “lightning” would follow your finger. This is primarily the same concept, except there is no more barrier — just sexy stimulation — unrefined and raw.
The comb attachment was ideal for frenum play (that super sensitive area on the penis). When we wanted to increase the intensity to a more focused point, we switched attachments. You’ll find in the kit a mushroom tube, a 90° probe, and a tongue tube. Each one of these attachments offers a different type of stimulation and intensity. Depending on where you want to apply the stimulation and how hard you like it, it would behoove you to play around and experiment. After all, we’re just one couple, and we’ve only begun our journey into kink.
If you haven’t yet headed over to Stockroom, do so now, and go check out their Wand. It’s a classy kit, speaks to your kinky side, and it’s definitely something you’ll want to incorporate in the bedroom to break the routine. We absolutely loved it, and it will certainly be included during countless future sessions.