The SVAKOM Tyler -- A Couple's Dream

In addition to the Keri, SVAKOM offered me a chance to review their Tyler vibrating cock ring. If you are into couples toys, this is the one for you.

For a long time, I’ve been looking for a couples toy that excelled in what it was supposed to do. There is a myriad of vibrating c-rings out there that promise the world and don’t deliver. My Wife and I tried everything from common condom-brand c-rings (Durex, Trojan, etc.) as well as some smaller companies’ products. So, like I always do, I hit up the Interwebs and started searching and reviewing products. And, that’s when I came across SVAKOM. SVAKOM suggested that I try out the Tyler cock ring, because it has extremely strong vibrations with five intensities and five variations.
My Wife and I decided to give the Tyler a fair shot, but my expectations (based on experience) were low. Let me say, the Tyler does not disappoint. From the unboxing experience to the usage, I was extremely impressed. The vibration power alone is baffling (no idea how they packed that much power into something so small).

The Tyler comes in an opaque wrapping, so no one knows it’s your toy. When you do open it up, like all SVAKOM products, you’ll notice the luxury packaging and presentation. The size of the Tyler is compact, sleek, and elegant. It offers a warm welcome and none of the typical “sex toy” negative stereotypes you may have come to expect from cheaper brands.

So, I assume you’re looking at the Tyler and wondering, “Why is the price so high for a couples cock ring?” Granted, it’s more expensive than what you’ll find elsewhere, but you’re paying for power here, and I mean a lot of power. I’m not sure what engineering magic SVACOM used, but they managed to pack the power of a full-sized vibrator into a tiny one inch circle. My analogy: If your traditional vibrating cock ring is a Honda Civic, the Tyler is a Bugatti with a 1,200 HP engine.

The silicone ring that is used to hold the toy in place is extremely comfortable. At first, I didn’t think it would fit, but the silicone has a nice stretch to it. Just be sure to use some lube. The vibrations are controlled from a small subdued button on the side of the vibrator. Turning it on and off is a snap, and running through the different settings is extremely intuitive. It has the same process as SVAKOM’s Keri vibrator (another miracle toy...hint hint).

The benefit of using a toy like the Tyler is the novelty and variation you can have in bed. Traditional sex is a lot of thrusting. However, with the Tyler, you can incorporate more grinding, thus stimulating your partner’s G-spot with your penis while the Tyler does all the work to her clitoris.  It’s waterproof, too, thanks to the pinhole charger. The charging port closes up fully once the charger is removed.

My final thoughts: The older I get, the more I realize that I want to spend my money on things that bring me happiness and pleasure. Sex by itself is life’s gift to us all, but sex with the inclusion of high quality toys is mindblowing for all parties involved. I’m tired of buying cheap toys from different vendors in search of something awesome. There are very few companies who can make products that really perform, and I can count them on one hand. SVACOM is one of them. Oh, and their customer service is amazing :)

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