Sex Toy Reviews

Icicles — Hot and Cold; (Icicles No. 46)

I was on the fence for a long time about buying glass toys, especially ones that are designed to go up the rear. Like always, I didn’t buy anything without doing extensive research. The particular kind of glass that Pipedream Products uses is borosilicate glass. Above is the model I decided to buy, the Icicles No. 46 Black:
This is the same type of glass that makes up those durable Pyrex dishes you might use. Why is borosilicate glass important? It is completely non-porous, easy to clean, very durable, and it has an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion. That last one is important for the more daring community. If you’ve ever poured boiling water into an ice cold glass, or vice versa, you may have experienced glass shattering. Borosilicate glass does not do that very easily. So, if you’re into temperature play (like leaving this plug in the freezer for a bit before putting it inside you), then this is the type of glass you want.
The packaging it comes in is fairly basic, but it’s not “cheap.” The box has a nice magnet enclosure that gives it a classy feel. Regardless, I was more concerned about the build quality and mechanics of the device than its packaging. So, I opened it up, and I was pleasantly surprised. The plug was incredibly smooth, very hard, and extremely opaque. It was a little smaller than what I expected, but still had a very nice build quality and design.
Using the plug was extremely easy. Although I’m an advanced prostate massager, I’ll say with confidence that this would be a nice toy for a beginner or a graduating step for the novice. Since it’s glass, you can use any type of lubrication that you want. It will not degrade the product. Once lubricated, insertion is easy thanks to the nice pull-ring and the tapered bulbs. If you are a rookie at this, you may need to breathe and relax. Lay on your side, and slowly insert the plug so that the arc is facing toward your stomach. That will ensure you are on the right track to hit your prostate.
The sensations this plug offers are moderate. Though it is not my go-to prostate massager, it is very comfortable to wear for long times. The only thing I don’t like about it is the girth. I really wish it was wider to offer a fuller sensation. The tip of the plug does hit the prostate quite nicely. It is good for kegel pulsing as well as manual manipulation. Depending on your level of arousal, you could get off really easily with this plug.
My final thoughts: At about $15.00 for this plug (at the time of my purchase), you really can’t go wrong. It would be a nice addition to your collection, and it will certainly help you graduate to bigger and better toys. It’s a high-quality, luxurious-looking product for an extremely reasonable price. If the company wanted to charge more, they likely could.