Penis Pumping

Hump Day Pump Day — The Chronicles of Skeptical Penis Enlargement (Week 1)

Alright folks. As promised, I’m going to do a weekly Wednesday blog post on my skeptical journey to getting a bigger penis through pumping. #HumpDayPumpDay on Twitter if you want to start promoting this.
A few weeks back, I agreed to be a case study for a company called Penomet. They are based out of Iceland, with shipping out of the UK and the States. Penomet is one of several companies who manufacture high quality pumps that use water as the vacuum medium. In short, I fill the tube up with water while showering, insert an 80{c9c2af4b5d4a37e7f7aeb1a537bd00aa7177ada5e7073e46455833a8c363b1d6} erect penis, and push the pump down on my groin. I keep pushing until there is no more water coming out of the pump. So, let’s get started on progress:
In order stay honest during this process, I engaged my Wife to be the witness to my measurements. By using two-person integrity (TPI), it removes any confirmation bias that I may put on my own measurements.
For you guys out there, I’m starting out on this process as straight-up average. In fact, I always thought I was bigger than what I really am…and there is that confirmation bias I just mentioned. My starting measurements were as follows:
Flaccid Length Inches Flaccid Girth Inches Flaccid Length Cent. Flaccid Girth Cent. Erect Length Inches Erect Girth Inches Erect Length Cent. Erect Girth Cent.
4.00 4.75 10.16 12.07 5.50 5.50 13.97 13.97
Bottom line, I started at 5.5 inches erect with an equal measurement in girth. Nothing special; just an average guy.
Over the course of one week, I pumped for six days, and I rested one day. The pump, although simple in design, does have a moderate learning curve. I found out the hard way on a few these follies. First and foremost, I had to learn how to properly warm up. This is a water-vacuum pump, and it has an incredible amount of suction. The first time doing it, I did two things wrong — I didn’t warm up (and allow my scrotum to relax), and I put it on with the gaiter (the pumping mechanism) in the wrong position. What happened? It was a slightly painful experience at first, and then my right testicle went up inside the tube. Thank goodness for the safety valve 🙂
The Penomet set has gaiters (the silicone sleeve that pumps like a spring) that are not completely cylindrical. Of the sides (yes, I know it’s a circle, but just go with me here) is designed to already be constricted/bent. Think of it like a bendy straw where it’s bent to a certain degree and the opposite side is elongated. For the first five days, I was putting it on completely wrong.
To put it on correctly, I had to ensure the bent area was pointed toward my stomach, and the elongated part toward my scrotum. Once that was figured out, it was a breeze to use. So, yes, during those first five days, I had to reapply the pump about three times before I got a good seal. Once I turned the gaiter around, it was a one-time application with zero adjustments.
Regarding the pumping action, I was able to get my penis to 7.125 inches during the last two sessions. I was at about 6.5 inches when doing it incorrectly. There were some awkward moments at home, as I sat on the couch next to my Wife with my pump sticking out ever so candidly. It looked funny, and we’ll just leave it at that. But, as with anything, it became the norm.
She and I continued to measure my flaccid and erect girth and length throughout the week, and my final one-week results are as follows:
Flaccid Length Inches Flaccid Girth Inches Flaccid Length Cent. Flaccid Girth Cent. Erect Length Inches Erect Girth Inches Erect Length Cent. Erect Girth Cent.
4.13 4.25 10.49 10.80 6.00 5.25 15.24 13.34
I’m not so much concerned about flaccid length/girth, because it changes with temperatures (like the Seinfeld episode about shrinkage). The erect length and girth are the measurements I’m really looking to increase. In this case, I gained 0.5 inches in length and lost 0.25 inches in girth.
Keep in mind that this could all be coincidental based on erection strength, arousal, etc. For this reason, I’m documenting it all for six months. At the end of six months, I should have enough data to compile. That would be the empirical evidence we’ve been seeking for a long time.
Keep coming back every Wednesday to read about progress. I’ll try and keep the next article a little shorter. This was to give you a better understanding of the whole process.