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Bring Intimacy into All Positions (Svakom Keri)

So, as stated in my original post, this site focuses on men’s sexuality. However, I also like to talk about the products that help me in my marriage. Whether she’s doing it solo or with me, I have come to love the SVAKOM line of products. Here’s a bit of information on one of their clit massagers, the Keri:
There are literally thousands of vibrators on the market, so it took me some time to do the research, read a lot of reviews, write to some companies, and then ultimately commit to spending the money on one. If you are reading this, then this is likely not your first rodeo when buying a vibe.
Let me talk a small bit about the unboxing, and then we’ll get to the usage and results of this awesome vibe. The Keri comes wrapped in opaque plastic covering. So, when you order your package, you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing moments. After opening the package, you’ll notice a high quality, luxury style box. Right then was the moment I knew this was going to be a treat rather than a disappointment. If a company spends that much time designing the packaging, I can only imagine how much time they spent in production of the vibrator itself. Once you remove the outer packaging, you’ll find a lift-top box. Once opened, you will see an elegant, and I do mean elegant, piece of modern art. At first glance, it does not look like a vibrator in the traditional sense. The design is fluid and smooth. The silicone covering is 100% waterproof. If I had to sum it up in one word, classy.
You’ll also find enclosed (once you lift out the false bottom of the box) the USB charger and a sleek silky carrying case. Do not lose that charger. It’s not a typical USB charger, because the part that plugs into the vibe is a pinhole charger (not a micro-USB port). At first, I thought this was a design flaw, until I looked harder. See, the Keri is 100% waterproof. When you pull the charger out of the vibe, the pinhole is small enough that the surrounding silicone will seal it up. This could not be done with anything larger and while still maintaining the waterproof quality. Oh, and regarding chargers, the Keri comes packed with enough juice to use immediately.
So onto the use. My Wife is the primary user of this vibe, except during couple’s play when I use it on her. The Keri offers five levels of intensity and five different vibration modes. At the highest level of intensity, it competes very well with the Hitachi Magic Wand. The benefit with the Keri is that it is cordless, waterproof, offers targeted pressure, and it’s silky smooth. You won’t find those qualities in the Magic Wand. It’s also curved specifically to feel natural in your hand while providing maximum control over clitoral stimulation. Ultimately, it is designed for the clitoris, but I suppose a more daring person could insert it. For couples, the benefit comes with the simplicity of the design. Since it is only about the length of a hand and very lightweight, it is super easy to use during intercourse. If you’ve ever used a vibe during intercourse, you know that it is cumbersome and prone to causing pain during penile thrusting (slams against the pubic bone). The Keri seems like it was designed on-purpose for use during intercourse. The head of the vibe is thin enough that penis thrusting will not incur the vibrator jabbing that happens in missionary and similar positions.
Use your imagination. The vibrations are strong and focused enough to be used anywhere on the body. For solo play, you could incorporate a G-spot stimulator as well, and bring yourself to full-body orgasms. Overall, this has become a favorite of our bedroom toys. The gorgeous design, extremely powerful motor, easy clean-up, reasonable price, and portability make the SVAKOM Keri a must-have for your collection. I cannot recommend it highly enough.