Tenga Air-Tech Twist Tickle & Ripple -- The Newest Mastrubation Sleeves from Japan

Hey folks! I know it's been a while since I've last posted something. Not being lazy; just had a lull in sexual wellness products to review. That, and I've started working with leather -- went 100% at it for a bit. Tenga Global (Tenga for the rest of this post) was kind enough to send me two samples last week. These are their newest male masturbation sleeves available to the public. They are the Air-Tech Twist Tickle and Ripple.

Why I Don't Typically Review Masturbation Sleeves:

If you are an avid reader of my posts, you'll notice I rarely review masturbation sleeves. That is because I really just don't care for them all that much. Over 20+ years of masturbation, I think my hand can outperform just about any toy thrown at me. However, I am a huge proponent of prostate stimulators. That's something that my inflexible body just can't do on its own. All that aside, I am always happy to help a company review a product if they are a legitimate business and there is a market for their products. 

The masturbation sleeve market is dominated by two companies -- Tenga and Fleshlight. Never have I ever reviewed or want to review a Fleshlight product. They never answer my emails to review their products...not even to say no. Even when I had a question about their products in general, they just ignored the email. Tenga, on the other hand, has always returned my inquiries. Good on you, Tenga!

What Are These?

At their basic designs, these two versions of the Air-Tech Twist are the same thing. The only difference is the internal sleeve design. The outer shell is composed of a top twisting mechanism (more on that in a minute), a sleeve holder that has a twisted inner design which works with the twisting mechanism, an air vent to induce tightness even further, and a cap for stowage. 

The sleeves are designed as the Tickle and the Ripple. The Tickle has bumps throughout the inner sleeve which stimulate your shaft and glans. The Ripple has spiraling ridges throughout its design. Need me to recommend one to you? Get the Ripple. The Tickle is OK, but it just doesn't have the sensation power that the Ripple has. I can feel the Ripple all the way up and down my member. The Tickle, in my opinion, might be better if it was just a smooth surface. 


How to Operate Them:

First and foremost, use water-based lube. The Twists each come with a tube of it, but use more if you need to. Without the lube, your penis will look more like the eggplant emoji than a real penis when you're done. 🍆

Ok, so the twisting mechanism and what it does: If you pull out the sleeve of the Twist, you'll see a spiral design inside the shell itself. When the sleeve is inserted, it rests against these spirals. During a masturbation session, and as a means to intensify and tighten the tube, you simply twist the top of the toy. There are several settings, and each one gets it tighter. 

On the tightest setting of the Twist, I was impressed by the feel of it. It was as if the Twist was trying to push my penis out of the tube, and I had to fight to keep it in. It created an intense feeling like that of a vagina that is fully engorged and extremely tight. Keep in mind though that this is not modeled after a vagina, and it doesn't feel quite the same. There are similarities, but nothing beats the real thing.

The top of the tube has an air vent drilled into it. This is yet another option you have if you want to increase or decrease tightness and suction. Unlike some sleeves on the market, the Tenga Twist models do not have a sleeve with a hole on both ends. That means the suction vent at the top, when covered, will create a more intense sucking feeling that other models on the market. 

Speaking of holes on either end...with a lack of holes on either end, clean-up is a bit of pain. You have to remove the sleeve entirely, flip it inside out, and wash it with cold soapy water. You can use warm water, but if you cum inside your toys, warm water will curdle the semen, and that's just gross. No one wants scrambled eggs on their sex toys. That, and once it's curdled, it becomes super sticky and nearly impossible to remove completely. Just take my word on this one. 

Final Thoughts:

Tenga usually makes very ingenious products, and they are pleasant to use. The company is also very easy to work with. The Tenga Twist (either model) was just not for me. If I had to choose between the two, I wouldn't...I'd get the Tenga Flip Zero. It's much easier to clean, a lot of fun to use, and really futuristic looking. That's a benefit for those of you who are robosexual.

As far as masturbation sleeves go, these two fall in the average category for me. I think I would have better success with them if I pulled the sleeve out of the shaft and used them manually with my own twisting.

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Doxy Die Cast -- It Sells Itself

The title really gives away the secret on this one. It really does sell itself. Think of products like Apple, Samsung, Hitachi Magic Wand, Subaru, etc. They are all companies who create products that literally need no advertisements. People will seek out information about them rather needing to have it blasted to them via online ads, commercials, etc. Doxy has become the Apple the sex toy industry. The Doxy Die Cast is the next big thing. 

TL;DR -- My YouTube review of the Doxy Die Cast is at the bottom of this post.
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For those of you who are not into linguistics, let a nerd like me tell you that the word "doxy" is an archaic term for lover or mistress. Even with my amateur photography of this elegant machine, the Doxy Die Cast can shine her majestic elegance to the world. She truly is a third lover in our bedroom.

It might seem at first look that the Die Cast is just another vibrating wand. That line of thinking is going to drain your wallet for the next ten years until you buy one of these. We have in excess of a dozen different wands and vibrators (both plug-in and cordless). When the Doxy Die Cast came in the mail, it was the equivalent of that foreign exchange student that comes to your American high school. There is an air of mystery and intrigue that surrounds her. 

The Doxy Die Cast is just that...it has a cast aluminum and titanium handle with a medical grade silicone, high RMP, rumbly bulbous head attached to it. The controls are simple: power, up, and down. Embedded in the controls, there are blue LEDs that glow subtly and enhance the visual appeal while you are loving yourself. It also helps your (optional) partner watch you embrace the sexual power this wand induces.

How to Use It

The Doxy Die Cast has a very intuitive user interface. The geek in me might come out as I talk about the usage, which is a juxtaposed style considering the poetry of this beautiful creature.

The Die Cast has a cord of approximately 10 feet. When I measured it with my tape measure, I got 9 feet 6 inches. It was not an exact measurement -- more a "pull the cord along the tape" kind of thing. Regardless, this is plenty long enough to plug into the wall and reach the middle of our queen size bed. If you need something longer, extension cords are rather cheap at your local hardware store or Amazon.

Turning the Die Cast on simply takes you pushing the power button. Starting at the lowest setting, you can adjust it all the way up to 9000 RPM. If you want the Die Cast to rev up automatically from low to high, then, while the Doxy is turned off, press and hold the power button for two seconds. It will then start at the lowest RPM setting and work it's way to the highest setting. This particular setting is not for us, but we absolutely love the manual control of the default configuration.

Turning it off is as easy as turning it on. That said, it will be a while before you'll want to turn it off ;)

Why Should I Spend $200 On This?

My Wife and I have been testing out sex toys for years. Only recently have I decided to start reviewing them. Let it be known that I bought this Doxy Die Cast at full price from Couples Playthings, because, as stated earlier, it sells itself. I had reached out to Doxy a while ago, and they put me on the waiting list to test their product at no cost. I couldn't wait that long. Doxy, you now have both my money and free advertisement!

There are a lot of products out there that claim amazing things. Products that have to claim those amazing things are usually mediocre at best. People who claim amazing things for that product, well, that's a whole different story. After reading dozens of blog posts, reviews, and watching YouTube videos, there was no doubt in my mind that this thing could perform.

It's not unlike me to drop a lot of money on sex toys. We have $1500 worth of Sybian in our closet. Nothing against the Sybian, but it can be a bit of hassle to put it together, set it up, get it revved up, and get her (Mrs. Secure) off. There are a lot of claims that the Sybian can help treat women's anorgasmia. That may be true, but the cheaper, more portable option is the Doxy Die Cast. If the Doxy Die Cast can't make you cum, I don't know what will.

Mrs. Secure is blessed in the orgasm achievement category, but it still takes some work. The Hitachi Magic Wand used to be our go-to wand to get her off. It's well-constructed, takes a beating, and lasts forever. You would be hard pressed to find a wand that could out-perform it...and then came the Doxy Die Cast.

With the silicone head (not PVC like the Hitachi or standard Doxy), the heavy construction, and the incredibly powerful (and somewhat quiet) motor, the Die Cast stands alone in the class of external vibrators and wands.

No kidding, the Doxy Die Cast can produce an orgasm for Mrs. Secure in under 90 seconds. And that's from a cold start (no foreplay).

It Sounds Like You're Blowing Smoke Up Doxy's Ass

Yup, it sure sounds like that. But I'm not. I don't make any money from this post, no affiliate links (links are just the trusted place from where I purchased it), and I don't care if you buy it or not. Consider this post a blog article on money-saving tips regarding sex toys. You can go out and spend hundreds of dollars on dozens of toys, and you'll be left in a world of mediocrity. Or, you can pony up the $200 to buy the Doxy Die Cast and never have to buy another sex toy again (...unless you need penetrating toys or something quiet).

Are There Any Cons to Your List of Pros?

Absolutely! Of course, all pros and cons are subjective to the user. For us, I wish the cord was longer by default. But this is coming from a couple of kinks who like to move around, change positions, and get a little freaky. A longer cord would make that a little easier. 
The one common "con" I hear from the community (and from us) is that it's really cold before you get it turned on. The Die Cast is made of metal. Metal is a conductor. This means it will be room temperature, but it will suck the heat straight from your hands (giving the illusion that it is colder than it really is). Until the wand reaches a homeostasis with your hands, it will feel a bit cold. The bulb, however, is silicone. Silicone is not a great conductor, so it feels warm rather quickly. 

As promised at the beginning of the post, here is my YouTube video of the Doxy Die Cast.
If all of this has you excited, and you just can't wait to get one, click here to get your very own Doxy Die Cast!

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Rocks-Off Ro-Zen Pro -- Hours of Fun for Solo Play

Hey folks! It's been a few weeks since my last post. Between moving across the country, buying a new home, and the holiday season, things have been busy. I'm sure it's been busy for you, too.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Rocks-Off Ro-Zen Pro (pictured above). A few weeks ago, LUVOQA gave me the chance to review the Big Boy Intense. Rocks-Off then asked me for an honest review of their Ro-Zen Pro. Of course, I couldn't pass up that opportunity. Always on the search for another prostate experience. 

TL;DR: My YouTube Video of the Ro-Zen Pro is at the bottom of this post.

What Is It?

The Ro-Zen Pro varies quite a bit from its little brother, the Ro-Zen. If you take a look at the pictures of the Ro-Zen original (here), you'll notice that it's shaped more like a traditional butt plug. The Pro offers the same penis and scrotum rings from the Ro-Zen, but it also has a more aggressive design. Where the Ro-Zen original will go inside and amplify nerve sensations like a traditional plug, the Pro angles itself directly on the prostate itself. 

In addition to the direct pressure applied to the prostate gland, you'll also get the USB rechargeable 10-setting bullet vibe. Think outside the box on this guys -- you can use the bullet vibe by itself, on yourself, on your partner, and as a deterrent for your cat when he tries to join in the festivities...yes, that happens often in our house. The bullet vibe is recharged using a USB to pin charger, which is all included in the package. Just for your situational awareness, Rocks-Off sells their Ignition Bullet Vibrator by itself for roughly $37 (when converted from British pounds). Needless to say, it pays to get the package deal with a plug like the Ro-Zen Pro.
The Design and Usage

You'll notice in the top picture and the one below that the Ro-Zen Pro is not a traditional butt plug. There are a lot of designs out there that are similar to this, but they are not the same thing. First and foremost (and being a safety guy -- I won't ever recommend anything to you that's dangerous), Rocks-Off makes everything body safe. The Ro-Zen Pro is made of body-safe silicone and contains a waterproof vibrator. That in mind, don't ever use silicone-based lube with a toy that is made of silicone. The chemical reaction will not be immediate, but it will melt your very expensive toy. Just used water-based lube, and you can't go wrong.

I mentioned above that the Ro-Zen Pro has an aggressive design that will press firmly against your p-spot (slang for prostate). When I say aggressive, I'm not talking about Nexus Titus aggressive. That thing is almost too much some. This will not dig into your prostatic urethra like the Titus. The Ro-Zen Pro is softer, gentler, but still able to apply a firm push where you want it most. 

Because the Ro-Zen Pro has a powerful vibrator, it makes the tapered base a little too wide to stay in on its own. This means it's not a great choice to use if you're going to have sex. For me, I had to sit on it the entire time in order to keep it in. I noticed that with the Big Boy Intense as well. This could be considered a design flaw, but it's all in your expectations. For me, a company name like Rocks-Off insinuates that it will be used while rocking on it. Therefore, it's not a disappointment when used for solo masturbation. 

So, onto the masturbation part of it. I've never been a huge fan of scrotum rings (ball rings)...especially when they are paired with a cock ring. Nonetheless, I gave this one a shot. To my surprise, it was very well designed. Every person is developed differently. There is no true average person. Rocks-Off, I believe, knew this going into the design. The silicone rings and extension from the plug are incredibly stretchy. Even though the material is stretchy, it still has a tough resilience and applies a firm grip to both my shaft and scrotum. Once it was attached, it stayed on through the whole masturbation session...well, until I was ready to cum. I'll get to that in a minute. 

The Ro-Zen Pro, to me, is designed more for edging than for a quick jerk or sex session. By gripping firmly around the shaft and scrotum, the Ro-Zen Pro kept me erect hands-free for a long time while I rocked on the plug. With some plugs, prostate massage has a counterintuitive effect on my erections. The intense stimulation to the p-spot actually (sometimes) causes me to lose altitude. With the Ro-Zen Pro's cock ring, that was not an issue.

One thing that might come up for you when using the Ro-Zen Pro is that you might hit the vibrator button unintentionally. Considering that you will insert the plug inside your anus, the vibrator sticks out just slightly. While rocking back and forth on it, you will play around with angles until you find the perfect one. During that discovery period, for me, I tended to rock on the vibrator button, thus changing the pattern. It's a slight annoyance, but it can be overcome. Like any new toy, there is a learning curve. 

Some of you reading this might think that I have p-spot orgasms all the time. That's just not the case. A lot of that is a state-of-mind thing, and lately, I have had zero success achieving prostate orgasm. After rocking back and forth on this for nearly 40 minutes, it just wasn't going to happen. So why did I do it that long if I wasn't going to have a p-spot orgasm? It felt good. Masturbation is not solely about orgasm. Enjoying the intense sensations, discovering pleasure you didn't know you could have, and learning about your body -- these are the important things to take away. That said, I still needed to cum. But I couldn't do it with the scrotum and cock ring on. I removed that, kept rocking, and used my hand for about a minute (with a lot of lube). The orgasm that followed was incredibly powerful. It felt like I was going to have a far-shooting ejaculation, but it was more of a slow pulse. Likely, this is because I was pushing on the organ that prompts ejaculate pumping. 

Final Thoughts

If you want a plug to use during sex, this is not it. If you are looking for an edging experience for long-term solo masturbation, this is perfect. Lay a towel down on the floor, lube it up with a lot of water-based lube, and enjoy hours (if you choose) of incredible sensations. 

I think the price point is right for the quality, design, rechargeability, and waterproof characteristics. If you're looking to bring in the New Year with a unique and awakening experience, consider getting the Ro-Zen Pro. This, a bottle of good whiskey, and a few hours of free time -- you'll be on your way to personal masturbation heaven in no time. If you haven't clicked any of the links for the Ro-Zen Pro, click here to get your own.

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ElectraStim Jack Socket E-Stim Stroker -- The Masturbation Sleeve with Some Kick

It's been a few months since I received a gift from ElectraStim. The last package I received from them was the P-Spot Gift Pack (my full review here). Quite impressed with their products, I reached out to them to see if they would allow me to review their ElectraStim Jack Socket E-Stim Stroker. For the rest of this article, and for the sake of brevity, I'll just call it the Jack Socket.

TL;DR -- My YouTube video of the Jack Socket is at the bottom of this post.

What Is the Jack Socket?

Anyone who has ever heard of companies like Tenga or Fleshlight may already know what a masturbation sleeve is. At its most basic form, a masturbation sleeve is a vaginal (or oral/anal) simulator. The sleeve is generally designed with a variety of silicone (or similar material) that incorporates bumps, ridges, and divets throughout the interior. When you insert your penis, with lube, of course, it gives the sensation of sexual intercourse.

The Jack Socket from ElectraStim is very similar to that, but they add their signature touch -- an electric shock. Now, before you go running away scared of the electricity, it's not like that scene from Taken 2 where Liam Neeson jabs the guy in the legs with nails and sends a charge through his body. No. This is a gentle (or extreme, if you want to go that high) electric "massage." 

E-stim, or electrostimulation as it's more formally known, has been around for decades in the form of TENS units. TENS devices are designed to alleviate pain by passing an electric current through the painful area. Having just recovered from ACL surgery, I can tell you that TENS units work wonders.

Well, the Rule of 34 dictates that eventually, someone would turn the TENS unit into a sexual device. 

The Jack Socket is a two part masturbation sleeve that delivers an adjustable (both intensity and pattern) electric charge to your penis as you stroke with it. By itself, the Jack Socket is useless without the stimulator. If you are going to purchase this device, I suggest buying the gift pack rather than getting it ala carte. It's cheaper that way. However, if you already own one of their stimulators, you can forego the gift pack, and purchase this piece separately here.

Just Two Pieces?

OK, it's not a true two-piece set. Typically, masturbation sleeves have a silicone sleeve (where you put your penis), and an outer, harder shell, where you put the sleeve. That shell offers pressure to your penis when you insert it into the sleeve. The Jack Socket has a firm outer shell, but there are several other parts to this setup. Inside the black shell, there are two removable electrode connectors. I didn't realize they were removable until I went to clean the device.

If you want to use electric stimulation with the Jack Socket, you need two other parts: the stimulator and the leads (the wires that connect the stimulator to the Jack Socket). So, in total, there are six parts. Seven parts if you include the lube. Nine parts if you include the top and bottom storage caps. So, yes, a big jump from just two parts. But I think you get the picture.
If at any point you thought this was a quick setup, you were mistaken. To get everything connected, lubed and ready to go, you're looking at two to three minutes. Clean-up takes about 5 minutes. If you're a lazy person, this is probably not going to be your gig. If you are someone who likes novelty, kink, and has patience, then you'll be alright.

How Do I Use It?

As stated above, the basic function of the Jack Socket is a masturbation sleeve. In essence, if you just want to masturbate with it and not use electricity, you could just lube it up and masturbation inside it. But, if you're going to pay about $120 for this device, you might as well do it the way it was intended. 

First, and most importantly, make sure you have a full charge on your stimulator. The Jack Socket only has receptors for two lead wires. This leaves you with an empty port on your stimulator (some models). If you have a model with an extra port, feel free to connect some electrapads or a prostate stimulator to the other side. If you don't have that, or if you don't want to involve all those products, then just stick with the Jack Socket.

Go ahead and connect the lead wire to the stimulator, but don't connect it to the Jack Socket just yet. The Jack Socket comes already put together, so you don't have to worry about setting it up. I'll do a break down in my video at the bottom, so you can see it in depth. There are two "ports" on the side of the Jack Socket, and they are each capped by a small flap of silicone. Open that cap, and squeeze some of the conductive lube (included in the package) into each port. The less lube you use, the harder it will be to feel the electric charge. So, be somewhat liberal. Too much, however, and you'll spread the charge everywhere. That weakens its strength.

Once it's lubed up, go ahead and plug your black and red lead wires into the receptors of the Jack Socket. It doesn't matter which side gets red or black. You're just creating a closed loop of electricity.

At this point, and after you wipe your hands, you're ready to go. I also recommend wiping off the outside of the Jack Socket in case you got some lube on it. The electric charge follows the lube, so it can give your hands a tingly feeling if they get wet. It feels like touching an electric fence.

Slide the Jack Socket over your erect penis, and power on your stimulator. Experiment with the different settings and intensities. The Flick Duo, my model, has eight settings. Depending on the "motion" I want (it doesn't move -- it stimulates), it just takes the push of a button to get it there. You may have to rotate the Jack Socket to focus the stimulation on your more erogenous zones.
When I use it, I like to vary manual movement and still stimulation. Meaning, I like to let the electric "massage" do its thing without having to move my hand. If you're an avid reader of my blog, then you'll see how much I enjoy prostate massage. With the Jack Socket, I like to intensify the feelings by using a p-spot massager. The Rocks-Off Ro-Zen Pro is great for rocking back and forth, thus providing a humping feeling while the stimulator massages my member.

How Does It Perform?

Electrostimulation is one of those practices that needs to be done every now and then. Too much of a good thing, and you'll become numb to it. For the first ten minutes of using the Jack Socket, my penis was incredibly hard. Combined with the cock ring from the Rocks-Off Ro-Zen Pro, I could have hammered a nail with my manhood.

The feeling of being that hard, while, at the same having an electo-massage and prostate massage, made me start to drip pre-cum for about three minutes. The feelings were very very intense. After ten minutes, however, the stimulation became too much for my nerves, and my body's defense mechanisms kicked in. Essentially, my nerves were overstimulated, and they cut off sensation. My penis started going soft, and I was pretty much done with the whole thing.

At that point, I removed the Jack Socket and butt plug, and finished off manually. 

My Advice 

Keep in mind that everyone has a different body, sensation threshold, and level of tolerance. You might be able to enjoy it for hours. For me, ten minutes is about the limit. If you find that you are like me, then here is my suggestion to maximize your experience:

Prep your Jack Socket and have it lubed up and ready to go. Engage in your masturbation session as you normally would, but do not use the Jack Socket just yet. If you are into edging, then go as long as you can. When you are fully and completely aroused, then don your Jack Socket. With a super-aroused penis, the incredible sensations of the ElectraStim Jack Socket, and perhaps a butt-plug, you will undoubtedly have a powerful ejaculation orgasm.

Clean Up

Cleaning the Jack Socket was surprisingly easy. The whole thing is made of silicone, and you'll only ever use water-based lube on it. Water-based lube washes off with water and a little bit of soap. To take it apart for cleaning, remove the flesh-tone inner sleeve. Then, pop out the connectors that are inside the black outer sleeve (there are two of them). These are the four parts you need to wash off. Ensure that when you wash your connectors that you do not submerge them. You don't want to get the internal metallic points wet. This could lead to corrosion of the contact points. For the inner and outer sleeves -- soap and water, and air dry on a towel. Just make sure you get inside all the nooks and crannies.

Final Thoughts

The Jack Socket is not a cheap piece of merchandise. If you're not into kink or electrostimulation, then I would not recommend it. If you are into this type of play, it's a great addition to your arsenal of sex toys. Combine it with one of the P-spot massagers that they sell, and you'll be in heaven.

It does take a bit to set up and break down, but it's a nice detour from a typical masturbation session. Toys like these are specialty products. It probably won't become your daily driver, but it's like having a hot breakfast as opposed to the typical cereal and milk. You won't always feel like using it, but when you do, you'll crave it.

There is a learning curve to this product, but it's not a steep one. Watch my video, and I'll show you step by step how to use it.
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Rocks-Off Big Boy Intense -- It Really Is Big...But It Sure Feels Nice

Being a male sex toy tester is not as easy as some folks might think it is. I've read a lot of blogs (by cisgender women), and frankly, I'm jealous of the selection they have. Everything from classic bullets, dildos, vibrators, the Sybian (and Motor Bunny), Hitachi Magic Wands, Doxy, and the list goes on. They have clitoral, vaginal, and anal toys -- and any combination therein. Us guys -- we get the generic masturbation sleeve and prostate massagers.

No, I'm not trying to be snarky, and I'm not saying that female-marketed toys can't be used on the male body. But toys that are specifically designed for men, a lot of them really suck. Someone once wrote me to call a toy crap if it's crap. I'm not afraid to do that -- I just choose to only post about toys that I actually use and enjoy. I'm still on the fence about pushing out negative reviews. If you think it would benefit the community, let me know, and I'll get on it. 

TL;DR -- My YouTube video is at the bottom of the post.

What Have We Got Here?

OK. Enough of my rant. Let's break down this little gem -- wait, little? Heck no. The Rocks-Off Big Boy Intense is just that, big. In fact, it's much bigger than I first expected. Pictures don't really do it justice, so I'll try to emphasize it in my YouTube video at the bottom.

I was sent the Rocks-Off Big Boy Intense from a company I trust and respect -- LUVOQA. A little about LUVOQA -- 
As a member of the NAASAS Compact for Safe Sexual Products, LUVOQA.com belongs to a select group of stores in the intimacy space that maintain a rigorous commitment to selling only body safe and non-toxic sex toys and accessories. LUVOQA.com takes the additional measure of only stocking toys made from materials with a low degree of porosity (silicone) or no porosity (glass, stainless steel, ABS plastic).
So what does that mean? Well, being a Navy Sailor, LUVOQA speaks directly to my heart -- they put safety first. Did you ever wonder why sex toys are listed as novelties? It's a way for the industry to bypass FDA and safety regulations (such as medical devices) and not be held liable. LUVOQA knows this, so they work with companies who do ensure their products are safe for you to use. You know that weird jelly dildo you tried during your early experimenting years? Throw it out. It's probably porous and harbors bacteria. Go to LUVOQA, and find something safe (and a whole lot more fun).

The Big Boy Intense comes with a rechargeable and very powerful vibrator. At first, I was skeptical that the vibrator (being positioned in the base, rather than the shaft of the toy) would be weak. I wasn't completely wrong here. By designing the majority of vibrations to massage the perineum, the strength of the power only travels mildly up the shaft.

The whole toy (minus the bullet) is constructed of body-safe premium silicone. If you think about the logic of vibrations, think of sound. When you talk in a padded room, it muffles the sound. If you talk in an empty room with hard walls, it reverberates. This concept can be carried into prostate massagers like the Big Boy Intense. If you really want the vibrations to get your "Rocks-Off," then put the bullet in the shaft.

A design element that I want to highlight as a potential negative is the usability. If you are only going to use this for solo play, you're in the clear. If you want to use it during intercourse, ensure your positions are such that you are always on the bottom. This massager, though big, has a tendency to slip out if you're not sitting on it. BUT, and this a big takeaway here -- sitting on the Big Boy Intense is its ultimate strength. Let's break it down.

I assume the company name Rocks-Off came as a double entendre -- the first meaning is that you will orgasm (getting your rocks off), and the second meaning is that you actually rock on the toy in order to produce prostate massage. If you are inexperienced with prostate massage, I encourage you to start out with something much smaller. If you are experienced, and you're a size-minded person, then give this one a go. 

How to Use It

Once you lube it up with water-based lube (silicone lube will corrode your silicone toy), gently massage your anus and start to slip it in bulb by bulb. After the third one goes in, your sphincter will grab the base firmly. Referring back to my previous point on usability, the Big Boy Intense has a tendency to slip out if you aren't actively pressing on it.

When it's all the way in, and you are accustomed to it being there, you have the option of turning on the vibrator or leaving it off. The vibrator (it's plastic made to look like stainless steel) is just OK. I'm not a huge fan of it, but regardless, I had to leave it in there to give the base some solidarity. If you remove the vibe completely, the Big Boy Intense will bend, and it won't give you the full massage.

The strength of the silicone is plenty to apply pressure where it's needed most -- your prostate. The bigger bulb at the tip makes it ideal for people who do not want aggressive pressure, but prefer a gentler massage that will encompass the full area of the P-spot. 

Though I did not experience a prostate orgasm (yet) from this toy, the feelings I achieved were incredible. It feels like a gentle pressure with a fuller feeling than most other toys of this nature. If you are someone who practices edging, the Big Boy Intense, along with some slow masturbation, will help you achieve a very powerful climax when you are ready.

The bullet vibe, by the way, has a recharging port. I noticed when I tried to pull it out of the massager that the tip popped off. So, be careful when you are removing it. A little super glue will fix that right up, but is a sign of cheap manufacturing that I don't care for. It's not a deal breaker, but it is a minor annoyance. For around $100, I expect near perfection. Franky, I think Rocks-Off would do better just eliminating the bullet vibe altogether.

Update: Rocks-Off apologized for the faulty bullet vibe, and they shipped out a brand new one free of charge. 

Final Thoughts

If you want something to fill you up, gently massage your prostate, and only want it for solo use, the Big Boy Intense is a nice product. If you need something to be used during intercourse, you need to look elsewhere. You have to actually sit on this toy and rock back and forth to get the full effect. The effects of it are nice when used that way, but you might have to adjust it every few minutes. The ejaculation orgasm I achieved when using this in addition to masturbation was very intense. That's always a great sign that I will continue to use a product in the future.

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Prostate Cradle -- A Revolution in Men's Health and Prostate Massage

So, You've Seen It All?

Just when you thought you've seen everything there is about prostate massage, the American made external prostate massager has been lingering as a wallflower at the frat party of internal massagers. I easily have two dozen internal massagers in my collection. That's not including the ones I threw away for being non-body-safe or cheaply made. The Prostate Cradle, by Enviromax, is a game changer for men's health.

TL;DR -- My YouTube video is at the bottom of this post.

What Is This Thing?

A few months ago, I reached out to Enviromax, because I was a complete skeptic of their product. Having been an internal massage guy for 15 years, I saw little, if any benefit to something that remains on the outside. My understanding of human anatomy, though a lay understanding, told me that there was no way to accurately push on my prostate without something inside me. Even if there was something applying pressure to my anus or perineum, it would still fall short of spectacular. Well, I was wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The proprietor of Enviromax is a board certified massage therapist who, over 20 years ago, suffered from an inflamed prostate. His Doc told him to engage in prostate massage. At that time, there was one option -- internal massage. Either a man had to use a dedicated massager, like something from the Aneros line (which didn't exist yet), go to a physical therapist who would engage the prostate (hard to find, uncomfortable, and expensive), or ask his partner to help. Regardless of those choices, most men would just as well take a pill and hope for the best. Putting something in the anus of a man was (and still is to some degree) a taboo that "real men" just don't do. The Prostate Cradle eliminates that issue completely.

Knowing the multiple steps one must endure to engage the prostate internally, Enviromax worked with doctors and therapists to design an external tool, the Prostate Cradle. The Prostate Cradle is an easy-to-use, no mess, external massager that engages the prostate through direct pressure to the anus. After multiple prototypes and refinement, the Alaskan company designed a one-of-a-kind, high-grade, body-safe silicone massager.

Since that first batch, Enviromax developed several variations of the design. You'll see in the picture at the top of this post, there are holes drilled throughout the Prostate Cradle. These holes allow a slight amount of give, or, your can place a vibrating bullet inside one (or more) of the holes. This will present a slight rumble of vibration that can enhance your experience. Of the three samples Enviromax sent me, my favorite is the Prostate Jewel. Essentially, it's the Prostate Cradle without the holes drilled into it. There is a fourth product they sent me, called the Joy Pillow. This is a lower cost option, but offers a similar push into the P-spot. I'll explain more about that in my video at the bottom of this post.

How Do I Use The Prostate Cradle?

You sit on it. That's it.

Really, that's it. The only tricky part is placement. However, Enviromax sends an instruction sheet (with pictures) that shows you how to apply the product to reach maximum efficiency. There are two "mountains" or peaks on the cradle, and the "valley" is where your testicles will lie. Most men will gain the best experience from using the peak that has, what looks like, a crevice going down the middle. A more experienced user might desire more direct pressure. In that case, using the single peak side will be more beneficial.

The Prostate Cradle is designed to be used through light clothing. Something like jeans would be a bit too much. But, if you're at home, sweat pants, boxer shorts, pajama pants (you get the picture) would be ideal. You can use it directly on your skin, but then you have to clean it after use.

Place the peak of the cradle that you want to use directly on your anus. It will not penetrate you. Place your testes in the valley of the Prostate Cradle. The other peak will sit under the anterior (front) part of your scrotum, along the urethra of the penis.

Sitting on a cushioned chair is recommended for beginners. When you work your way up, feel free to sit on the floor with it, on a harder chair, or any firmer surface.

Limit your time with the Prostate Cradle to about 10 to 15 minutes the first few times. You can use it longer if you want, but this is a good starting point. Your frequency of use is limited to your desires and current prostate condition(s). Someone with an inflamed prostate might want to use it once every few days. This will allow your prostate some time to get used to the Cradle. If you have a healthy prostate, feel free to use it daily.

What Does It Do for Your Health?

Let's break health, in this case, into two parts. One is physical health; the other is sexual health. The official stance on prostate massage, by the Western medical community, is that prostate massage was not shown to improve outcomes for bacterial prostatitis as compared to antibiotics alone.

That said, Hippocrates had quite a lot to say about massage and health. Click here to read about that. I'm not here to argue the benefits of massage over non-massage, but if you've ever had a massage, you know how good it can make you feel. Our reliance on Western medicine has completely shunned the wisdom we've known for thousands of years. I'm not asking you to lean one way or another. I am asking you to embrace both sides of treatment.

Prostate massage does help clean out the gland in order to prevent the buildup of heavy metals, stagnant prostatic fluids, and increase blood flow to the organ.

Will prostate massage help prevent prostate cancer? I don't know. I find a lot of "studies show" and "statistics show" articles about it, but nothing ever links to strong empirical evidence. I would say at this point, it is anecdotal at best. One in seven men will develop prostate cancer if they live long enough. That is a fact.

What makes sense to me, using my layman's common sense, is this: If I massage my prostate semi-regularly, I will flush toxins from the organ and increase healthy blood flow. That, in concert with exercise, a healthy diet, and regular ejaculation will help decrease the risks of developing mutant/cancerous cells.

All that aside, if that's not a good enough reason to hop on the P-spot train, maybe you're more interested in prostate orgasms and the intense sexual pleasure derived from this type of massage.

The Sexual Side of Things

We are sexual beings. The only reason you exist today is because someone had sex. Even if you're a product of artificial insemination, like me, two people, somewhere back in your genetic family tree had sex. It is the most important facet to the survival of a species, and we, as humans, are hardwired to enjoy it.

That said, we as humans have, unfortunately, created a sex-shaming culture. Here, just read about hysteria. All women really wanted were orgasms. But no, we cut out their organs, threw them into asylums, and called them crazy. When we decided to treat it humanely, what was the treatment? -- fingers and vibrators...an orgasm.

Jump forward to modern times, and men are facing a similar issue with prostate massage. Gay shaming and gay hate, although it has decreased significantly in the western world, is still a real problem. Without getting into too much about the acceptance of all humanity (I wrote about it here), penetrating the anus of man has long been associated with homosexuality. I have also written (here) about overcoming the myths of prostate massage.

The Prostate Cradle is a safe gateway (and permanent tool) for men to experience prostate massage externally. Nothing goes inside the anus. It does not look like a typical sexual health product. It is, socially and medically, safe. If you have any reservations about putting something inside you, this will circumvent those concerns completely.

Prostate massage, just by the nature of massaging something, will increase blood flow to that area of your body. Frequent massage will inevitably improve the vascular health of an area. By increasing blood flow to your prostate, you will increase the sexual energy and sexual health that is latent in your body. Especially for men in their 30s and higher, the sexual libido is a lot lower than those high school and college days.

The results, from my personal experience with prostate massage, are increased erection strength, stronger ejaculations, and higher libido.

The Prostate Cradle has not yet given me a prostate orgasm. I have achieved those from internal massagers, but not yet this one. What I do glean from the Prostate Cradle is an electric feeling that radiates from my sexual center throughout my abdomen and chest. After about five minutes of sitting on the cradle, this gentle push on the prostate gives me an incredibly warm and happy sensation. It just puts me in a good mood. Perhaps I should sit on it while I'm driving...you know, to reduce road rage and such. ;)

After talking with the CEO of Enviromax, he told me it takes time to develop the ability to achieve prostate orgasm through the Cradle.

I would venture to say that prostate orgasms are not just physical, but also metaphysical. You can't just place a massager there at the right place. You also have to be in the right frame of mind and open to your sexual energy. Does it sound new-age-hippie-ish? Yes. But, if you can open your mind for a moment and try something new, there is a world of pleasure waiting for you on the other side.


The Prostate Cradle is not your typical massager. If you're going into this with expectations, you are doing yourself an injustice. The best thing you can do is experience it. It's a simple design (in theory), but it was decades in the making and perfecting. Enviromax sells these in different sizes. Most people are good with size large. However, if you are unsure what you want or need, reach out to the company. It's a small Alaska-based company with incredible customer support. The CEO and I have talked back and forth about two dozen times. We went from discussing the product itself to discussing abstract and metaphysical concepts. I realize most people won't go that deep into conversation with a Proprietor, but I want to illustrate how "human" this company is.

Of the three Cradles and one Joy Pillow that I have, my favorite is the Prostate Jewel (you'll see it in my video). Second favorite is the XXL Prostate Cradle. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied, and  I recommend this product to you.
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Fun Toys Gplug -- High Intensity Vibration for the Anal Beginner

Anal Is the New Black

It's no secret that I like anal stimulation, prostate play, butt plugs, and prostate massagers. This one, however, was never meant for a guy like me. Had to give it Mrs. Secure, because it's most definitely a starter plug. Don't take that as a negative facet to this plug. The Gplug by FunToys offers a gateway experience in the pleasureful world of anal play. More and more, the taboo of anal stimulation is going down, and the industry is catching on. Plugs like these are popping up (and in) all over the market.

TL;DR -- My YouTube video is at the bottom of this post.

The Gplug is unique from other butt plugs for several reasons. Up front, you can rest assured that the whole toy (save the two metal charger connectors) is covered in body-safe silicone. That said, be sure you ONLY use water-based lube on the Gplug. Silicone lube and silicone toys = more money from your pocket later. The other thing I like about this plug is the extremely thin shaft with wide flares at the plug and base. This ensures your anus will grip the Gplug firmly, but it will not allow your anus to suck it inside or push it out. You will have to give it a firm tug at the end of your session in order to remove it.

Much like others of its ilk, the Gplug vibrates. The vibrations, however, are all focused in the tip of the plug. Some plugs on the market either have motors in the base, insertable bullets, or below-par motors in the tip. This is a quality product that delivers intense vibrations at just the right spot. The benefit of having a strong motor in the tip of the Gplug is that the waves produced from the toy will radiate throughout your entire anal cavity. This type of vibration is great for women (and pleasant for men), because it delivers a less intense, but more fulfilling level of vibration radius. In other words, it has the potential to vibrate areas that it does not directly touch, like the G-spot and A-spot.

Let's Get One Thing Out of the Way

Before getting into the usage, one thing to note about the Gplug is, without its proprietary partner, the Gring, you will only be able to change the vibration pattern of the plug, not the speed/intensity. Mrs. Secure and I are not big fans of high-tech bedroom toys, as they tend to take away from the heat of the moment. The Gring acts as a remote control for the Gplug, but it's just not our schtick. Think about taking a picture with your cell phone. Nowadays, you just hit the power button twice, shake your wrist, or do some other quick trick to launch the camera app. In the old days, you had to turn on the phone, unlock it, hit the camera button, and then snap the pic. In my mind, simpler is better. If I had to make one change to the Gplug, it would be adding the other two buttons to the base in order to increase/decrease intensity. Remote controls are tricky, tedious, and they don't always work. If I can't count on something 100%, I just don't use it.

So How Do I Use It?

If you've never used a butt plug before now, this one is a perfect starter. Why? Because it's small, thin, has optional vibrations, it's easy to insert, easy to remove, and easy to clean. Also, if you're not using the remote, it's got a one button operation.

The best thing you can do before using anything in your butt -- make sure your anal canal in clean. Meaning, go have a good poo at some point before using it. You do not need to use an enema or douche on your bum. This thing is not going in all that far. If you want to go to extremes, it's up to you. However, no one but you is going to see that little bit of resi-poo (ah...see what I did there) when you pull it out.

Relax. If you're an expert at butt plugs, get a bigger butt plug and stop reading this article. If you are a noob, welcome to the community. We all started out where you are. So again, relax. You have two sphincter muscles around the anus. The first one will relax like a champion. The second one, the one more inside you than the first, will take a few seconds to accept your Gplug. Use lots of lube. Make sure you are in a comfortable position (like on your back, or on your side with one knee pulled up to your chest), and slowly, gently, push it inside you. When the plug gets past the widest part, your anus will do the rest of it for you. It will close around the thin, hard shaft, and you're done. It's in. 

At this point, you have the option to leave it in a neutral state or turn on the vibrations. I recommend vibrations only after you are comfortable with the toy inside you. Don't rush anything. They can be quite intense...especially if you are going to use this during intercourse.

How Do I Work the Vibrations?

I'm not going to highlight the remote control pairing with the Gring, because frankly, we won't ever use it. If you want to use it, then I recommend reading another post or the official site on how to do so. 

For the rest of us who just want that ingenious one-touch button that the Gplug has, this is for you. Push the button. Yay! It's on. That's it! It's super simple. No holding the button. No weird combo patterns. No nothing. Just push the button once to turn it on. Push it again to change the pattern. You have your choice of six patterns, which is another ingenious design strength in the Gplug. With six patterns, you'll get just enough variety and none of the headache of choosing a pattern.

Ready to turn it off? Just go through the six patterns until you hit it that seventh time. Now it's off. 

Cleaning It

The Gplug is splash resistant, but it's not waterproof. This is because it has two metal pins on the base where the magnetic charger will attach. To clean it, I recommend a quick rinse of warm, soapy water, and then towel dry it. You can use toy cleaner if you want, but I think it's a waste of money.

Final Thoughts

If you are beginning to experiment with anal play in the bedroom, then the Gplug by FunToys is a safe bet. It is comfortable, body-safe, and a lot of fun to use. If you are an anal expert or someone looking for prostate massage, then this plug will not be good for you. I can recommend something if you email me your specific desires.
FunToys Gplug YouTube Video
If you are a retailer in the sexual health industry, you can purchase the Gvibe Gplug (and other FunToys products) from the following places:

USA - Eldorado, ECN, Entrenue, Alexander Institute

Europe - ABS holdings, Scala Playhouse, RIMBA, ORION, Eropartner, Lovely Planet

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